Boiler Water Treatment Chemicals

Corrosion & scale prevention

At Tandex, we understand that your steam boiler or pressure vessel is often the heart of your business operation. That’s why all our service technicians undergo regular technical boiler training and are focused on providing you with the best quality boiler water treatments and services available.

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Cooling Tower Water Treatment Chemicals

Inhibitors, Biocides, Sanitisers

Tandex is focused on maintaining its reputation as a quality water treatment chemical manufacturer. That’s why Tandex products are subjected to a strict process of quality checks and inspections to ensure best results are achieved for our customers, without sacrificing valuable plant equipment.

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Industrial Maintenance Chemicals

Additives, Descalers, Cleaners

As an experienced chemical manufacturer, Tandex has developed a large and varied product range, covering many types of industrial cleaning chemical treatments.  Suitable for an extensive variety of industrial applications, Tandex’s wide range of industrial maintenance chemicals include the following:

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