Are you extracting the maximum value from your utilities?

Are creeping gas costs eroding your profit?

What would it mean if your business could shift the focus from cost reduction in specific areas alone to a total cost of ownership strategy?

Business Solution Features

Choosing cheaper, sub-standard water treatment technologies can result in increased operational costs, reduced equipment life and unnecessary downtime.

The Tandex Difference

While typical water treatment programs focus on reducing chemical costs, our focus is on reducing all the associated expenses of running your plant, ie. fuel, water, downtime, maintenance costs. We help you extract the maximum value from your investment so that you can increase business efficiency and profitability.

It’s not all about the chemicals, sometimes there is a common sense, practical solution that is easier and simpler to implement. You, as a Tandex customer, have access to this valuable knowledge base of practical experience gained over 50 years.

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