Tandex Company ProfileTandex is an Australian family owned company founded in 1971.

From international experience in the Chemical Cleaning field, Tandex moved into specialised Boiler Water treatment in the early 1970’s.

In the years following, Tandex dedicated themselves to develop new industrial water treatment products, including a range of chemical additives specifically designed for corrosion prevention and scale prevention of water in Boilers, Cooling Water systems, and various maintenance applications.

Today Tandex provides a range of high quality chemical products, proven technology, servicing and testing for improved plant efficiency and safe operation to all companies with steam or hot water boilers and recirculating cooling water systems, as well as many other customers looking for specific chemical maintenance products.

Tandex is committed to continuing the development of new technologies and treatment programs to suit a wide range of applications and conditions.

At Tandex, we believe our programs can help both our customers and the environment achieve long term and significant benefits.