Here at Tandex, we are all very aware and concerned with the effects of industry on the environment. We have developed procedures to support our Tandex values which include formulating our products to minimise potential hazards for company personnel, clients, contractors, the community and the environment.

Tandex is happy to discuss your requirements to achieve a greater harmonious balance for your business and the environment.

Tandex offers a variety of organic products and safer options as an alternative to other brands of dangerous chemicals.

Tandex Enviromental CareTandex can also discuss the possibility of reducing your consumption of fuel, water and chemical, and also reduce your waste, which is not only good for the environment but good for your business too!

Tandex also has a range of safety equipment and accessories to help ensure your compliance with OH&S regulations and safety of your staff and visitors.

Tandex is also developing and improving their environmentally friendly manufacturing facility utilising water catchment and solar power collection, as well as paper, packaging, container and office consumable recycling.