TANDEX can supply hand sanitiser and Isopropyl Alcohol (both with >70% alcohol).

A compliant Hygiene and Sanitation procedure is required for your workplace in order to qualify for work permits for your staff during Stage 4 COVID-19 Restrictions.

500 ML Hand sanitizer

Isopropanol Alcohol – 5 /20 lt drums

No-contact hand sanitizer dispensers and stands

TANDEX can also supply larger quantities of Isopropyl Alcohol for spray application on larger plant and equipment in production facilities.

The full guide to “Creating a COVID Safe Workplace” can be found at the following web page at Business Victoria:


As a part of this process, the Department of Health and Human Services Victoria suggests the following:

  • Provide and promote hand sanitisers, including at building entrances.

  • Increase environmental cleaning, including between changes of staff.

  • Regularly clean with disinfectant high-touch surfaces (at least twice daily) – including desks, doors and door handles, keyboards and lifts, including lift buttons and handrails.

  • Purchase supplies to help limit infection, for example alcohol sanitisers and soap.