As an experienced chemical manufacturer, Tandex has developed a large and varied product range, covering many types of industrial cleaning chemical treatments.  Suitable for an extensive variety of industrial applications, Tandex’s wide range of industrial maintenance chemicals include the following:

Fuel Oil Additives – Including combustion improvers & inhibitor products designed to assist with serious combustion problems

Combustion improvers – To improve combustion of soot & fuels, and achieve greater boiler efficiency.

Acid descalers – To remove mineral scale and other contaminants.

Alkaline cleaners – High powered alkaline compounds to remove grease, oil, rust, carbon & other contaminants.

Industrial & Commercial Cleaning chemicals:

  • Anti-foam – designed to prevent violent foams encountered in various chemical & food manufacturing processes.
  • De-greasers and detergents
  • Solvents and emulsifiers for electrical cleaning, oil spills, degreasing and soak tank cleaning.
  • Sanitisers – broad spectrum sanitiser for use in cooling water systems and other maintenance applications.