Cooling Tower Testing

Cooling Tower Testing


Tandex understands that cooling water systems can be very expensive and customers don’t want to have to replace them. That’s why we aim for long-term solutions to your water treatment needs.

Tandex manufactures a complete range of industrial chemicals for controlling Legionella which includes a range of non-oxidising biocides.

Our Service Programs

Water Testing Kit

As part of our comprehensive on-site Cooling Tower service programs, Tandex provides various products and services for efficient cooling tower maintenance.

These include:

  • cooling tower inspections
  • cooling tower on-site servicing & chemical testing
  • Legionella sampling & Heterotrophic Colony Count (HCC) sampling
  • corrosion prevention products, corrosion monitoring & testing
  • scale prevention products
  • biocides and bio-dispersants
  • As well as a range of cleaning products, maintenance services, dosing and safety equipment.
  • Tandex service programs are monitored via our computer tracking system to help ensure every site is attended on time.
  • Service reports are assessed regularly to ensure the best results for every site.
  • Water samples are transported under refrigerated conditions to an independent NATA approved laboratory for testing.
  • All results are confirmed in writing and any corrective action required is carried out in accordance with legislative requirements.