Tandex Makes Sense For Business

Cost Reduction

Tandex provides the tools, 
training and practical experience to help 
companies reduce the expense of
owning, operating and maintaining 
boilers and cooling towers.

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As a Tandex customer, 
you gain direct access to the 
accumulated knowledge and technical 
expertise built over almost 
50 years in water treatment.

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Meeting regulatory requirements 
should not be to the detriment of your 
business. Tandex helps you achieve 
compliance and protect your 
investment in equipment.

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Tandex is a global water treatment technologies firm
providing products services in over 20 countries. 
Proudly Australian owned and operated since 1971.

Are you dissatisfied with your 
recent annual inspection?
There is a Solution.

Tandex has gained a reputation for restoring
neglected boilers and returning them to 
efficient operation. Would you like to know more?

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Tandex work side by side with management, 
to create more accountability from production 
teams with our water treatment technologies.

Reduce the Total Cost
of Ownership of Equipment.
A Smart Decision

Complex water treatment problems are made easy
by taking advantage of the quality processes and 
diagnostic tools Tandex has to offer. 
In doing so, your operational and management teams 
can better understand the financial rewards 
of preventative water treatment programs.

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Whether it’s commercial boilers or 
cooling tower compliance, Tandex 
has a cost saving solution for you.

How to improve cooling
tower efficiency 
and reduce waste?

There are many aspects of operating a cooling tower
that can result in excessive operational costs
if not routinely monitored. With a well-structured
Tandex program, you can reduce costs in multiple areas.

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Experience the Tandex Difference. 
Join Our Family Of Happy Customers

With honesty, accountability, professionalism and integrity at the heart of our business, Tandex prides itself on creating real value for clients with our water treatment technologies. We welcome you to try us and experience the Tandex difference and join our happy family of customers.