Boiler Water TestingAt Tandex, we believe prevention is much better than cure, so our boiler water testing services are designed to complement our quality boiler water chemicals to offer a comprehensive on-site service with a detailed written report.

Our back-up technical support for our clients is designed to monitor the effectiveness, and provide solutions for, all boiler water treatment programs.

But, just in case you haven’t been so lucky elsewhere, we also provide descaling products (in various strengths) designed to suit your particular application.

Combined with our comprehensive administration tracking system, water treatment programs and service reports are monitored and assessed regularly to ensure optimum boiler power plant efficiency.

Boiler Water Testing ServicesTandex can also provide additional laboratory testing and analysis on deposits recovered from the internal surfaces of the boiler during the annual inspection.

This technical analysis and support enables our service technicians to monitor the effectiveness of the current boiler feed water treatment and make any necessary recommendations for alterations.